cta-box4It is that time of the year again. The time when the leaves begin to fall and the ground starts to get harder to work with. As far as we are concerned, commercial construction does not stop when the snow starts to fall. HVRS is your Orange County contractor servicing the needs of our clients through snow or sunshine, we don’t shut down.

Shiny New Space

Let’s say that you have had plans to build a bright shiny new retail space and we all know how the wheels of progress turn. With permits, real estate transactions it is generally a miracle that buildings are actually allowed to go up. Of course that is strictly sarcasm and the future is looking excellent for new construction. But back to your building. Some contractors seem to fold up and disappear in the winter and leave the work until summer. These days that is just not good enough and at HVRS we have the experience to complete your building regardless of the weather.

We Stand by You!

hvrs-logo1We will stand by you and make sure that your expectations are met. It is not any secret as to how we still are able to perform at a very high level during the arctic blasts that are common in New York, we do it because our clients expect the best and we deliver. Your permitting process may put your groundbreaking in the middle of February and that is just fine with us.

Full Service

HRVS is a full service contractor with divisions specializing in general contracting services, construction management services, design build services, value engineering and acquisitions. Anything that you need in the realm of construction, HVRS is able to provide. So if you think that it is time to build your dream, think of Orange County’s finest contractor, HVRS. Contact us today to begin the process!    


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