dreamstime_xxl_58339394When was the last time you went into a shopping mall? In today’s world it is not as common as it once was. The golden days of the mall culture was marked by video games, teased hair, food courts and a general atmosphere of closeness. It seems that time has not been very kind to traditional shopping malls. The phenomenon of online shopping has really killed the whole thing, I think. That is where HVRS comes in, ok, so we can’t bring back the glory days of the mall but we can make your mall, office or business something of envy again.

Back To The Mall

hvrs-inc-galleria-at-crystal-run-2015-interior-enhancement-project2Back in the 1980’s and 90’s the mall was a cultural phenomenon. Everything seemed to have a purpose and the arcade was the first place that you went when you walked in the door. Everyone would be there on saturday afternoons it was almost impossible to move, let alone play your five bucks worth of tokens. (Because if you bought five bucks worth you got 25 tokens.) Out in the main part of the mall the planters and steps turned into perches for watching the people walk past. The times were good and it seemed that much more people smoked in those days. Today if someone were to light up in a mall people would lose their minds, but that is the way it was. We stumbled through a haze of second-hand smoke, ate cheeseburgers and tried to figure out how not to tilt the pinball machine.

Sound familiar? Isn’t it time to bring your commercial property back to life? HVRS is Orange County’s finest commercial contractor. We have national caliber experience with a local focus, we care about our neighbors and their businesses. We want to take your construction project and make it something to behold all while providing exceptional customer service and quality.  Call today for an appointment! 


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