cta-box1We think about angles, a lot. In the commercial contracting business, angles are an integral part of providing a quality product. In construction, if you don’t have the proper angles, you may as well scrap it and start over. The state of architecture in any period since the dark ages, has been one of angles. We use right angles to construct almost every commercial and residential building. The exception, of course, is artistic architecture, like the experimental design in Barcelona. The Barcelona style is exemplified by the gorgeous, sweeping arches and quasi-angles of Gaudi.

Log Cabin v. Art Deco

Angles are a big part of architecture in this age of prefabricated building supplies. Bricks are easier to make when they are square and they are easier to stack when they are square. 2×4’s are rectangular and flat, square surfaces are easier to fit together. Log cabins had angles but were sometimes made of round logs with grout stuffed in between the gaps in the logs. This was not the most efficient way of building, but some will argue that the softened angles of a log cabin are as iconic as the art-deco Empire State Building in New York City.

Good Old Frank

dreamstime_xxl_46517595Regardless of the project, accomplished architects usually use angles anyway. Curves and complicated Dr.Seuss-like designs are very expensive and difficult to translate into reality. An excellent example is Frank Lloyd Wright. He created gorgeous architecture that is dominated by  right-angles, squares and rectangles.

Our Angle

dreamstime_xxl_32318097Angles are just as important in the commercial construction business, but these are a different kind of angle. The angle in these terms is the way you look at your business. Whats our angle? At HVRS, we provide the highest quality contracting services in Orange County, period. We care about our customers and want the best possible outcome for their project. That’s our angle. Work with the best, HVRS.         

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