dreamstime_xxl_14708433Space. That’s right, space. What is space? Well, I can hit the spacebar and create space    like that. That was pretty easy.  We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to travel through space and go to Mars; that seemingly perfect solution to our planetary problems. But that’s not the type of space we are talking about. The space we are talking about specifically, is your space, your commercial space. HVRS is the commercial construction contractor that you can trust. We can take your existing space and turn it into the envy of all of your competitors. We can also take a bare patch of dirt and construct a glorious retail, commercial or industrial space. If you can dream it we can build it.

Amazon Frogs?

dreamstime_xxl_6862460Let’s say that you have a dream of opening a store specifically to showcase your toxic Amazonian frog collection, like a gallery for neon-colored critters that can kill you. As amazing an idea as the store appears to be, the space you currently are using is sorely lacking in available escape routes. HVRS can translate your dream, toxic-reptile store into a usable, appropriate retail space. Let’s say that you want a fireman’s pole just in case the frogs revolt and break out of their cages. We can do that. The liability, however, is up to you, but seeing as you are selling poison frogs, insurance may be an issue.


dreamstime_15317378The exciting thing about space, is that the unknown is just waiting to be discovered. The new building that will house your dream business, the retail space that will help send your kids to college or the landscaping company you have always wanted. HVRS can introduce you to the full potential of your space, if it is time to re-evaluate, renew or remodel your space, give us a call. We want our customers to love their space and we are experts in providing the space they want. HVRS, use the best.

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