In the building industry it is common to have dirt in and around the project. The dirt is a testament to the building rising from the dust to become something great, something that deserves recognition. In Orange County, no other commercial construction contractor is better equipped to make your project into something even larger. HVRS is ready to back your dreams with a higher level of competency, that is just our little motto highlighting our commitment to producing results that are above and beyond expectations.

Modern Monuments

There are temples in parts of this world that are on an inhuman scale. Pyramids are mistaken for mountains, jungle ruins that once held amazing treasures and giant statues of revered gods and goddesses. These were buildings and architecture representative of not simply the scale of the human body but the size of the human experience. Monuments to the perseverance of the human will against the elements and a testament to how far we have come.

Carrying The Legacy

Your commercial construction project deserves the contractor that is a legacy of the old ways. The commitment to doing things right, making sure our work is of the finest quality and to give you what you want. Your business was built on a dream that is bigger than your company itself and HVRS can help you build a monument to your dream. The Angkor Wat of Orange County.

Realize Your Dream

Ok, so maybe your project does not have to be as grand as the great pyramids or a Vegas casino. However, the professionals at HVRS will treat each and every project like it is a sacred site that needs to be perfect, no stone out of place. It is said that the key to being successful is looking the part and with the HVRS team of designers, architects, contractors and construction managers you will be that much closer to realizing your dreams.